Benedict III was written for Wyndham actor Josh Ferguson and filmed in his 1920s manor as an entrant to the 2020 Victorian Drama League Monologue awards, in which it won two awards.

A lavish gentleman surgeon invites you into his home, but something strange is afoot.

This was created in partnership with Wyndham Theatre Company.

Benedict III, Essence Productions, Award Winning Comedy, Victorial Drama League, VDL

Written by Alaine Beek

Short Monologue Film

Cast - 1 Male
Duration - 4 Minutes

Suitable Ages  - 9+

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Submitted to 2020 Victorian Drama League awards


  • 1st Place - Best Adult Comedy

  • Adjudicator's Award for ". . . the remarkably well curated production elements including lavishly detailed period set and costume design plus sound design"

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