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What Was That Essence Productions Historical Werribee Mansion Show



Based on the true stories of the Chirnside family (19th century wealthy squatters), this play combines history, scary elements and comedy.

Two actors as 'Maggie' the head maid and 'Mr Duncan' the head butler will guide you through the mansion. The the story unfolds as you move from room to room
and ascend the grand staircase.

This is an exciting event full of surprises and ends with a glass of sparkling wine or soft drink.


Scrunch Test Australian Black Comedy LGBTQ+

2020 - TBC

Scrunch Test

The play has a cast of four and has gone through a rigorous development process. The new full length play went through a rehearsed reading process, November, 2019.

Point Of No Return Essence Productions Historical Australian Drama

2020 - TBC

Point of No return

A riveting drama based on the fascinating true story of the British Empire’s first boys prison built in 1832 in Tasmania.  Written by Alaine Beek, this multi-award winning play has toured Victoria in July/August 2018 and returned and toured NSW/VIC in 2019.

Shepherd Kings Essence Productions Historical Australian Drama Chirnside Victorian History

2020 - TBC


This play follows the rise to power of Thomas, Andrew, Mary Chirnside and the son Andrew Spence, while also covering the challenges and heartaches they faced as a real family struggling to survive and be accepted in a developing Australia.



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