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The play is a black comedy set in the present, Christmas Day.  Based on the true story of Alaine’s family who emigrated from Scotland to Australia it is confrontational and insightful in how it deals with issues around alcoholism and the difficulty of a son coming out to his father.  But essentially this is a Christmas play both poignant and heartfelt.


The play has a cast of four and has gone through a rigorous development process including a rehearsed reading at Hastie’s Cottage November 1st 2019. The play will be performed November 2020. We are working towards a professional tour in 2021.





Based on the true story of the Scottish born and bred Chirnside family who built Werribee Park mansion and was one of Australia’s most powerful landowners in the 19th century. This drama has a cast of four and focussed on the unique characters Thomas, Andrew and Mary Chirnside and the son Andrew Spence.  It follows their rise to power but also the challenges and heartaches they faced as a real family struggling to survive and be accepted in this, for them, new country.


Shepherd Kings has been intensively researched, developed and was experienced by a test audience as a rehearsed reading in 2015 with an overwhelmingly positive response.  The aim is for this play to be fully performed in 2020.



A monologue based on true experiences about the terrible circumstances of an abused young woman and how she seeks revenge.  It has been shortlisted for the ARKfest March 2020 and will be performed by Elle Parkinson and directed by Alaine Beek through Wyndham Theatre Company.


A short play set in an English exam, the present. Researched and workshopped with the Werribee Secondary College Drama Club students this play challenges the effectiveness of the exam structure and its’ almost complete inability to effectively bring out the best in students and gain any meaningful insight into the potential of our youth.  To be performed by the WSC Drama Club in 2020 both to the school community and as part of the Wyndham Theatre Company’s short works series.