Disability Action Plan

Essence is an active member of Arts Access Australia.

Creation of New Work

  • In writing new works, Essence shall ensure there is varied, insightful productions that involve researching different perspectives other than those of the author.  This could include different cultures, gender, social issues (e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction), health issues, mental health issues.


Production of Works

  • In involving involvement in productions, Essence shall actively promote a balance of genders, inclusion of minority groups, inclusion of differing perspectives through age, background, culture etc.

  • When reaching audiences Essence will seek out organisations and groups who reflect minority groups dealing with differing culture and social issues, e.g. Headspace, Aged Care groups.

  • Support Companion Card via offering a two for one discount.


Physical Access

  • Where possible, select venues who have a clear disability plan and have disability access built into its physical design.

  • Physical access for both employees and audiences be carefully considered and alterations made where reasonable to increase access for those with disability issues.

  • Parking – ensure wherever possible consideration and information given on car parking that requires less distance travelled to performance space.

  • Limitations – Clearly list any limitations around physical access that cannot be altered, e.g. inside there are 34 steps in the Werribee Park historic mansion and no lifts.

  • Essence consider in their program including a special performance through AUSLAN for the hearing impaired.


Reaching audiences through workshops and post production discussions

  • In every production season offer post show discussions with relevant groups who may benefit from one on one discussions on relevant topics.

  • In every production season reach out to groups dealing with youth mental health (e.g. Headspace) to offer a free open rehearsal with input to that group and/or workshop relevant to the play.

  • As a matter of course, ensure all relevant disability groups are included in marketing plans.


Dissemination of Information

  • Clear and concise information made easily available in a variety of formats (email, text, website, mobile phone) that covers access and any relevant disability access information.

  • Ensure language in communication used actively encourages and welcome persons from different cultures, ages, disability groups etc.