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As creators, we are in the most difficult of circumstances not only because theatre/venues have had to shut their doors but all the unfunded projects we have put so much energy into have either had to be postponed or completely dropped. We are in danger of losing momentum, audience support and our creative livelihood.


At Essence we want to keep creating. Our special skills and passion is in creating new theatrical productions. We will be using this ‘quiet’ time to work on a new script. To keep my loyal followers engaged with Essence I will also be doing some bitesize videos that you can tap into. So I guess we’re asking for ANY support which will help us keep going whilst we continue to work on new projects. We don’t have DGR status so unfortunately you won’t be able to claim it as a donation for tax purposes but it is by all practical accounts certainly a donation. Even small amounts of $5 will be appreciated.

Click the button below to donate! 

We have also set up a new facebook group, which is free to view. We are going to use it to share with you exclusive behind the scenes content, new works and performances from our network of performing friends! 

Check it out here: