A roaming play performed at Werribee Park historic farm that combines history, comedy and scary elements. 

Keeping with the engaging mixture of history, mystery and comedy, this play takes us further back in time to the more rustic life of the farm worker. 

Available to be booked for private groups.

Essence Productions Down To Earth Historical Farm Scary Tour Show Melbourne

​Written by Alaine Beek

Fully Tested & Developed Script

Cast - 1 Female, 1 Male

Duration - 90 minutes

Suitable Ages - 12+

Following the success of ‘What Was That?’, the production ‘Down to Earth’ opened on the 24th April 2009.

In contrast to the grandeur of Werribee Park mansion, 'Down to Earth' gives the audience an opportunity to immerse themselves into the daily life and eerie darkness of a 19th century farm.

THe setting

Set in 1862, Down to Earth is based on farm life in rural Victoria. Werribee Park was owned by wealthy Chirnside brothers, Thomas and Andrew. Wool was their sole industry and the farm employed around 300 workers.

Prepare to be transported back in time to Werribee Farm.  Head boundary rider, Joe Higgs who is followed closely behind by Esther McLeod, head cook at the Men’s Hut, will be your guides.  Throughout the night, you will be treated as new farm workers which leads to much interaction and fun.  

But, the fear of Black Anny is forever present and as guests there’s much you will see and hear that can be strange and even frightening.  You may question what is real and what is not.  Listen and watch very carefully.  Keep very close together and be forever vigilant, for anything can happen on this mysterious little farm.


Across Europe there was a legend that tells of Black Anny, or Black Annis, an ancient bloodthirsty goddess.  She was an evil hag who frequently committed murder.  She was said to choose children as her favoured victims.

Legends often result from a lack of understanding of the causes of sudden death, especially the death of children often due to, as yet, unexplained diseases.

Black Anny was one of those legends.  Centuries ago many folk believed this creature to be absolutely real.  It was greatly feared and the legend spread to other countries.  It is hard to imagine what it would have been like for those travelling at night.

The utter darkness would have been terrifying and set imaginations running wild.

Essence Productions Down To Earth Historical Farm Scary Tour Show Melbourne


Funny, Friendly, scarey

All the emotions! Everyone had a great time with the characters and it was a great immersive experience.


—  Name, Title

Essence Productions Down To Earth Historical Farm Scary Tour Show Melbourne


Located 35 minutes West of Melbourne, Werribee Mansion is a living, breathing postcard of 19th century Australia.  Wealthy sheep farmers built 'the Mansion'.  The Italianate-style architecture and its Victorian period interiors are as inspiring today as when it was completed in 1877.

Werribee Mansion is surrounded by 10 hectares of formal gardens, widely attributed to W.R Guilfoyle, Curator of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.  The gardens feature a parterre, which is a geometric garden design best viewed from the mansion balcony, pond and original grotto.  The grounds are superbly maintained and there is no trouble finding a shaded spot to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Situated behind Werribee Mansion in a separate wing is the Mansion Hotel and Spa.  The luxurious hotel offers five star accommodation with day spa and restaurant for a luxurious getaway.

Essence Productions Down To Earth Historical Farm Scary Tour Show Melbourne