Jack And Millie

A dramatic comedy - because life is always funny.

The play is based on the author’s true story of dealing with the mental challenges and sometimes funny moments of a cancer diagnosis.
We all respond differently to life changing news. Millie, a fifty something professional at the peak of her career, is about to find out just how quickly life can change when she’s diagnosed with breast cancer.
Millie deals with her shock diagnosis by creating an imaginary friend called Jack.
Jack helps Millie make sense of a world that has been turned upside down. The play, whilst highly entertaining, also offers genuine insights into dealing with long term health issues, like breast cancer.

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Written by Alaine Beek

Directed by Nigel Sutton
Cast - Alaine Beek, Ross Daniels, Phil Cameron-Smith

Duration - 80 Minutes

Suitable Ages - 12+

Jack & Millie program

2022 Tour Information:

Jack and Millie is on 2022 VCE drama playlist


New Athenaeum Dates:
30th of April, 4th, 5th, 6th of May.
With 11:00 AM matinees and 7:30 PM evening performances.

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