What Was That?

The Show is performed in the Werribee Park Mansion at night each weekend, is a roaming play that combines history, comedy and scary elements.

Point of No Return

Point of No Return centres on a group of young convicts transported to Point Puer.  The group face terrible hardship and strive to find hope for a future beyond the horrors of prison life.

A lost piece of history. Fascinating - Unforgettable!

Down to Earth

A roaming play performed at Werribee Park historic farm that combines history, comedy and scary elements.
Open for Private Bookings.

Works in Progress

Find out information about upcoming works that are in the process of writing, workshopping, and rehearsing.

Works In Progress at the moment:

  • Scrunch Test

  • Shepherd Kings

  • Testing Nothing

A Good Coffee

A monologue based on true experience of a young woman in an abusive relationship and how she gets revenge.
Winner of Multiple Awards in 2020

Past Shows

Interested in past works from Essence Productions?
Click below to find out more information about past shows we have done.




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