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A Journey past the Point of No Return

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

What a year 2018 has been. I’m looking so looking forward to catching up with my Point of No Return cast and crew very soon for Christmas drinks and festivities. We actually finished our last performance August 17th to a sold out show at Frankston Performing Arts Centre. And what an amazing response we received. At the end of the show I joined the cast on stage and we had a Q&A with the audience. Loved it! Warm excited, thoughtful responses. And some from high school students. Then the head of drama at Frankston High School – sent me this (just an excerpt of a much longer response) -

“Everyone in the theatre that day was blown away by the performance that was “Point of No Return”. We were able to see the show in a small, intimate setting that allowed for us all to be transformed into this world that existed nearly 200 years ago, to a time that ordinarily would be incredibly hard to imagine. To the world around them, these boys were unwanted, they were forgotten, and they were unimportant. But for those 80 minutes, they mattered. They mattered to us. They became our children, our brothers, our allies, who we worried about, who we cared for and who we longed to save. That in itself is the heart of this play- it serves as a reminder that no one is too hopeless to save. Everyone needs to belong, and be loved, and be counted. It is through Alaine’s courageous writing, and the incredible performances of this wonderful cast, these boys, and other boys like them, will matter. “

I read the above with a lump in my throat – that’s what the story of Point of No Return is about, and she got it wholeheartedly.

Unbeknownst to me, Brendan Maher, Albury Entertainment Centre Venue Manager, was actually sitting next to me whilst watching the show. During the post show Q&A, He stood up and introduced himself and the things he said – well we knew we had reached him. From this he has booked us to perform the show in their wonderful 820 seat main auditorium July 24th next year – two shows. He helped organise a second venue in NSW – Griffith Regional Theatre who have booked us later in the week, again two shows. We are thrilled to be performing in New South Wales next year and in such beautiful venues. I have just texted my cast about possible rehearsal dates – we’re excited to get our teeth into it once again and lift it even more.

We have received interest from Port Arthur for the play in 2020 and we will certainly be applying for Showcase (and other events to meet with arts venues) with the plan to continue on into 2019 and beyond. And to think it all began from a trip to Tassie and an excited and talented group of high school students who wanted to do a ‘serious play’.