A short play set in an English exam, the present. Researched and workshopped with Werribee Secondary College Drama Club students and developed in the recent 'Say It Out Loud' program this play challenges the effectiveness of the exam structure and its’ almost complete inability to effectively bring out the best in students and gain any meaningful insight into the potential of our youth.  

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Written by Alaine Beek

Cast -Between 7 to 12

Duration - 45 Minutes

Suitable Age - 12+

Saturday 27th November 2pm and 7pm

Outdoor ampitheatre, Saltwater community centre, Point Cook

SAY IT OUT LOUD is so much more than a group of youth putting on a play. It is about creative exploration, about resilience in trying different things, recognising it hasn’t worked and having the courage to accept this and be excited to try something else.  It is the collaborative process where trust, truth and full commitment to the story, are vital.  Testing Nothingis their story (our youth), - literally.

Their voices are in the play which began with the youth drama group at Werribee Secondary College. WSC students had strong opinions about the inability of the traditional exam system to bring out the potential in most students. It fostered shared feelings and personal stories which led to the beginning of a play.  Alaine Beek wrote a draft of Testing Nothing based on their stories and the challenge for the Say it Out Loud was to take this draft and turn it into a production performed to audiences.

The aim of Say it Out Loud is always to inspire creative and personal courage.  The planning was initially to target ‘at risk’ youths but then Covid 19 hit us and we quickly realised all youth have been affected.  None of us have gone unscathed so Say It Out Loud aims to give youth the sense of worth and purpose, courage and resilience.  We all have much so much to offer. We just need the opportunity to find it, explore it, realise it.

Testing Nothing q+A


Testing Nothing is their story (our youth) - literally.

As part of Wyndham Learning Festival, the Q + A was an intimate discussion with the creators of this performance, with special guest Kevin Hopkins and producer, Alaine Beek, along with the students of SAY IT OUT LOUD.

Kevin has worked in the entertainment industry for 28 years as an actor and director, and more recently, as a teacher of acting.  He has been seen in a number of feature films (Sensitive New Age Killer, Marey Project, Guru Wayne, Nigel) and has appeared in many television series including Stingers, Blue Heelers and Phryne Fischer.  Most of his work has been in theatre with companies such as Melbourne Theatre Co. and  Australian Shakespeare Company.

Alaine has been involved in both amateur and professional theatre since 1980. She has been running her independent theatre production company ‘Essence Productions’ since 2003.

This is a perfect opportunity for young adults and theatre students and lovers to ask questions and learn directly from professionals in the industry. This is a free event in collaboration with Wyndham Learning Festival. Tickets for the debut performance of Testing Nothing will be available for purchase at the box office.