A new production taking place in the historical Werribee Park Mansion.

1899, Mrs Hannah Brydan, the picture of respectable widowhood, has lived alone in her sprawling mansion for the past few years. She enjoys nothing, save for the occasional company of her dressmaker, the flamboyant and sharp-tongued Mr Bertin.

But when massive advances in the fashion industry jeopardize Bertin’s livelihood, he hatches a plan to save both of them from obscurity: Hannah must come out of her widow’s blacks and launch herself once more as one of Melbourne’s leading socialites at an upcoming masquerade ball, clad in the most jaw-dropping fashion statement Bertin has ever attempted.

The Dress.png

Written by Alaine Beek

Script in Development

Cast - 1 Female, 1 Male

Duration - 90 minutes

Suitable Ages - 12+

An entertaining historical story of two unlikely allies, propelling each other towards purpose and the spark of life, even as old age creeps upon them.